LAKV Class XI Fall 2002 to Spring 2003

Student Listing
Student Name Company/Organization
Ms. Ami Sue Buffington Armstrong County Dept. of Planning & Development
Mr. Brian David Potter Stanford Home Center
Ms. Cynthia Marie Moser Alle-Kiski Medical Center
Mr. Daniel Russell Warner D. R. Warner Corporation
Ms. Judy Lyn Anthony Manager, First Commonwealth
Ms. Doris Elizabeth Miller Lenape Tech
Ms. Lauren Amelia Cromer Valley News Dispatch
Ms. Maureen Elizabeth Swierczewski Allegheny Valley YMCA
Ms. Patricia S. Moyer Monroe Career & Tech Institute
Ms. Pamela Faye Hrovoski Alcoa Technical Center
Mr. Robert E. Sanders Alcoa Technical Center
Ms. Katherine Ann Stewart Armstrong County Memorial Hospital
Ms. Shannon Leigh Wagner Burrell School District
Mr. William A. Woodard Penn State- New Kensington
Ms. G. Michele Rosborough Spark Technologies, Inc.
Ms. Paulette Zanotti Family Services of Western PA