LAKV Class VI Fall 1997 to Spring 1998

Student Listing
Student Name Company/Organization
Mr. Gregory Farrell, CPA Herbein & Company, Inc.
Ms. Lorraine M. Azzarone, RN AKMC Ambulatory Care Center
Mr. William M. Hall Industrial Strength Data Group
Mr. Daniel E. Hubert Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Patricia A. Johnson Fort Crawford Elementary School
Ms. Phyllis R. Lazer c/o Michelle Bond
Mr. William P. Malloy Director- Archabbey & Seminary Dev.
Mr. E. Dwain McGee Allegheny Teledyne Corporation
Mr. Gerald L. Moser Allegheny Ludlum Steel
Ms. Michele A. Pastrick Valley News Dispatch
Mr. Michael Allen Sawhook Allegheny Ludlum
Ms. Patricia Quinn Winter Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Mr. George W. Staudenmaier