Healthcare Session Hosted by Allegheny Valley Hospital December 2015


            LAKV Class XXIV’s December 2015 session was hosted by Allegheny Valley Hospital (AVH) and centered around the topic of Healthcare.  AVH’s recently appointed CEO, Bill Englert kicked off the day with a session on “Health Care Today.” Mr. Englert’s presentation focused on the ever-changing dynamics of health care, and how they affect the hospital environment and the role of insurance providers.

AVH President & CEO Bill Englert addresses the class.
AVH President & CEO Bill Englert addresses the class.

               Mr. Englert was followed by health care Attorney Laurel Hartshorn who spoke on the “Issues Facing the Elderly” which touched on most aspects of caring for the elderly, including, but not limited to, the many important documents that all seniors should have in good order to prepare for the next stages of life.   Our morning session concluded with a presentation from Janice Wirth, Vice President of Operations at Allegheny Valley Hospital, and LAKV Class XXIII alumnus. Ms. Wirth’s presentation focused on how a hospital is structured and highlighted many of the changes that have affected Allegheny Valley Hospital and its organizational structure over the past 5 years.

Hospital Operations Presentation
Janice Wirth, VP of Operations at AVH addresses the class.

                  A scrumptious lunch was provided compliments of Allegheny Valley Hospital. The afternoon kicked off with a presentation from Manda Sanders, Director of Health Policy, at Highmark.  Manda spoke in detail on the many layers of the Affordable Care Act, and how those layers continue to change in the current political climate. Manda concluded by highlighting the importance of next year’s presidential election to health care laws.

             The day concluded with a presentation on “Long Term Care” conducted by David Ferraro, COO of Quality Life Services and Suzi Fertig, Clinical Liaison, for Quality Life Services.   David and Suzi focused on the many facets of the long term care environment including admission processes, services provided at skilled nursing facilities, and the role of the clinical liaison in the hospital as a bridge for the patient between settings.  Overall, the day was filled with a multitude of interesting topics that the class thoroughly enjoyed.

The class is looking forward to next month’s session at the Harmar Township Municipal Building on the topic of Government. This session promises to be filled with engaging presenters and public officials! Stay tuned for that update!

Jeremy Huth & Michele Moses

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