Economic Development hosted by Alcoa Technical Center

Stephanie Laurenza’s Blog Post: Economic Development Session

Hosted at Alcoa Technical Center on April 14th, 2016

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The Alcoa Technical Center (ATC) located in New Kensington was Class XXIV’s home for the day on Thursday, April 14th. As an ATC employee, I was honored and excited to have double duty as a host/presenter and class member. In addition to ATC-specific presentations, we were treated to interactions with and presentations from local businesses.


The local organizations and businesses represented throughout this session exposed us, as a class, to the current economic environment of the AKValley. This session, perhaps more than others, helped shed light on what local organizations provide to the community.


One of the aspects I enjoy most about the LAKV experience is learning more about the goings on and conditions in the valley. Even though I live in the city of Pittsburgh, much of my time is spent in this area due to work as well as other community/civic commitments. I think it is important to be aware of the climate of this setting, both for the business sense as well as for interpersonal relations. Whether the organization’s sole focus is the (re)development of the community or to provide a service, commodity or item to the community, each established represented in the day provided us with a greater understanding of the AKValley.


The knowledge from this session will help us define ourselves as leaders in terms of how we can represent both our companies and ourselves as individuals as forces within the community.

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