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Marketing and Fundraising Session-Hosted by IUP Northpointe


Diane Chabal, LAKV Program Manager, leads a presentation on personal branding during the November 2015 Session.
Diane Chabal, LAKV Program Manager, leads a presentation on personal branding during the November 2015 Session.

LAKV Class XXIV continued its educational journey on Thursday, November 12, 2015, with a Marketing and Fundraising Session.  This session, which was held at the beautiful IUP Northpointe campus in Freeport, PA, covered a myriad of topics.  Kicking off the day was a very informative lecture on non-profit fundraising by John Pastorek, President and CEO of the Allegheny Kiski Health Foundation.   Mr. Pastorek brought over 30 years of fundraising experience to the table and the informative information he provided included insight into basic fundraising components, giving trends and more.   The next topic on Social Networking and On-line Marketing was presented by Chad McCutcheon from McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc.  This talk addressed many different aspects of social media and on-line marketing that are very prevalent in today’s business world and also included some broader discussion on the topic of communication as a whole.  Jim Busch, Sales Trainer for Trib Total Media, utilized a mix of humor and a large depth of knowledge and experience in sales and marketing to speak to the class.   Our next topic of Personal Branding for Career Growth was handled by our fearless leader, Diane Chabal, and focused on teaching the class to look at themselves a little closer and develop our “brand” and branding statement that we could use in a variety of situations including a job search, seeking a promotion at our current job, etc.  The day was rounded out by Rich Muth, director of IUP Northpointe and Monroeville addressing the class.  Mr. Muth was able to share a wealth of knowledge about the IUP campuses as well as provide an in-depth overview of all of the services and classes offered by the school.   LAKV Class XXIV will gather for our next session on December 10th at Allegheny Valley Hospital where the topic of Health Care will be addressed.

Jeremy & Colleen

(Jeremy Huth & Colleen Felentzer)

Class XXIV Nov 2015
Class XXIV is ready for the Marketing & Fundraising Session to begin.

An Ice-breaking Journey


Leadership retreat
LAKV Class XXIV on their retreat 9/10-9/11.

Twelve people from all aspects of the workforce – from education to healthcare – embarked on a two day journey. Nestled in the hills of Ligonier, PA, with a breathtaking view, we find ourselves gathered on a large open air porch in oversized rocking chairs facing one another and wondering: what’s next? Who are we? At the end of two hours, we have a comfortable knowledge of where we are coming from and some primary tools to take us where we want to go.

Leadership retreat
Colleen Felentzer zip lining in Ligonier

During the time spent together that first day, it was particularly interesting to realize how we all relate to one another. It’s safe to say that some basic knowledge of each profession exists, but the aspects of each that we all inhabit are so varied that it was easy to see how much we would really learn throughout the upcoming eight months. At the same time, similar issues exist: how do we present ourselves professionally? How do we properly wade through the waters of familiarity, of interpersonal relationships? How do we manage and delegate others?

Leadership team building
Class XXIV working together to “sink the ball”

Through conversation and adventure- and I do mean legitimate adventure – we grow even a little bit further. This particular retreat helped us realize a little bit about our roles, in professional and personal settings, and when it’s appropriate to take a step: a step outside of our comfort zone, a step back to observe, a step sideways to encourage and support, a step forward to face the next challenge, adventure, obstacle.


Here’s to the next eight months: to learning, to gaining knowledge, to the understanding of obstacles, to discovering personal and professional successes, to networking and to sharing lots of laughs.

Signing off,

Stephanie & Callie


Zip line retreat
Michelle & Stephanie after the zip line


Leadership retreat
Jeremy, Roger, Kelly and Colleen